How to Update Individual Student Personal Information?

  1. Click “Student” link in left menu.
    After click to “Student” link different option appears.
    Click to “Manage Student”. After click to “Manage Student” a page appears.
  2. Then select “Grade” and “Section” and click to “Filter” button. which is at left side of manage student page.
  3. After click to “Filter” button a page appears of selected grade and section.
  4. Then click to “View” button for those student to update their information.
    After click to “VIEW ” button profile of specific student loads in next page.
  5. Then click to “Action” button at the right corner.
    Note: Different option appears: Then click to “Manage Student Information”
    Fill all the information. Fields with red borders are mandatory.
  6. After filling all the necessary information click “SUBMIT” button.
    Note: Student information will be save.