How to add assignment ?

How to add assignment ? 

Step 1: To add assignment, go to “Teaching Materials” section of the menu bar located at the left side of the dashboard. 

Note: click to “Teaching Materials” different options.

Step 2: Click “Assignment” dialogue box. Then next page appears.

Step 3: Click “+Add Assignment” button located at the right side. Then form appears.

    • Title: Enter the title name of assignment.
    • Description: Enter required description of assignment.
    • Grade: Enter the required grade.
    • Section: Enter required section.
    • Teacher: Select the teacher from the list.
    • Subject: Select required Subject from the list.
    • Assignment Date: Enter the start date of assignment.
    • Deadline Date: Enter the deadline date of assignment.
    • Attachment: Choose file if required.
    •  Click “SAVE” button to add assignment.