How to add new books ?

Step 1: Go to “Library” section of the menu bar located at the left side of the dashboard.

Step 2: Then go to “Manage Books” section. Then manage books page appears.

Step 3: Click “+ADD NEW BOOK”  button. Then a form appears

  • Name: This filed include the name of book. (Name: Name of book title).
  • Author: This field include the name related to book Author. To add two author name comma is used to separate the name.
  • Publisher: Publisher includes the publication name of book.
  • Language: Language include the language of the book. Language may be Nepali, Hindi, English etc.
  •  Category: Category include the category of book.
  • Price: Enter the price of book.
  • Shelf no. : Enter the self number of book (self number is found in the library book and gives the location where the book can be found in the library).
  • Description: This field includes the details of books. Enter the detail description of the book.
  • Quantity: This field includes the number of books that are available in the library. Enter the quantity of the books in the library.
  • Self position: Enter the self position of respective book.
  • ISBN: Enter the ISBN number of books. (ISBN is a numeric commercial book identifier which is intended to be unique).
    After completion of form click “SAVE” button to add new book.