How to issue book to student?

How to issue book to Student ?

Step 1: Go to “Library” section of the menu bar located at the left side of the dashboard.

Step 2: Then go to “Manage Books” section. Next page appears of “Manage Books”

Step 3: Then click to “Filter” button to check all the list of book. After click to filter button list of  book appears below on table.

Step 4 : Click “ISSUE” button  for those book that student want to issue. After that next page appears.

Step 5: At the left side Book Issue form appears.

  • Select Type: Select “Staff” or “Student”.
  • Accession Number: Select Accession number.
  • Issue Date: Enter the issue date.
  • Due Date: Enter the due date.
    After completion of form click “Save” button.