How to add grade ?

Step 1:  To add grade, go to “General Setting” section of the menu bar located at the left side of the dashboard.

Note: Different option appears click “Class” dialogue box next page appears of manage class.

Step 2: Click “+ADD GRADE”  button the top right corner of the page.  Add grade form appears.

  • Name: Enter then name of grade. ( Nursery , I, II etc)
  • Sequence: Enter the sequence number.
  • Stream: Select the stream. (General school, Science etc . as per required).
  • Program: Select the program. (Primary level, lower secondary etc as per required).
  • Department: Select department. (Schooling, Department of science etc. as per required).
  • Grading Type: Select grading type. (Percentage grading, Letter grading as per required).

Note: Field with red borders are mandatory.

After filling all the necessary information click “SUBMIT” button to add new grade.