how to add optional subject taught in class ?

Step 1:  To add grade, go to “General Setting” section of the menu bar located at the left side of the dashboard.

Note: Different option appears click “Class” dialogue box next page appears of manage class.

Step 2: Click “+VIEW”  button for those grade to add subject taught in class.

Step 3: Click “+ADD SUBJECT TO GRADE”  at the right corner of the page.

  • Subject: Select the subject.
  • Subject Code: Enter the subject code.
  • Sequence: Enter the sequence number.
  • Max# of classes: Enter the max class if required.
  • Credit Hours: Select the credit hour.
  • Conduct exam: Click the button if exam is not conduct to particular subject.
  • Elective Name: Click to Elective Name. Then different options appears select one option. Then optional subject will be added.

After submitting all the necessary information click “SUBMIT” to add subject taught in class.  Field with red borders are mandatory.