How to add subject taught in a class ?

Step 1:  To add grade, go to “General Setting” section of the menu bar located at the left side of the dashboard.

Note: Different option appears click “Class” dialogue box next page appears of manage class.

Step 2: Click “+VIEW”  button for those grade to add subject taught in class.

Step 3: Click “+ADD SUBJECT TO GRADE”  at the right corner of the page.

  • Subject: Select the subject.
  • Subject Code: Enter the subject code.
  • Sequence: Enter the sequence number.
  • Max# of classes: Enter the max class if required.
  • Credit Hours: Select the credit hour.
  • Conduct exam: Click the button if exam is not conduct to particular subject.
  • Elective Name: Select the if particular subject is elective course.

After submitting all the necessary information click “SUBMIT” to add subject taught in class.  Field with red borders are mandatory.

Note: Repeat step 3 to add other subject to same grade.

Note: To add subject to other grade repeat same process.