Student Module is silent feature of School Management System. In this module we can view all student information and we can save student information as well. This Module helps ho add student and delete student. This module manage all student information which is necessary for further inquiry. Not only student information this module helps to keep the record parents as well. Information regarding parent are recorded.

Frequently asked questions

611, 2019

How to assign passenger to route?

1. Click Transportation > Manage Passenger on sidebar menu to open Manage Route page. 2. In Manage Route page list of route is shown, click MANAGE PASSENGER button for corresponding route. 3. Click +ADD NEW [...]

3009, 2019

How to import transportation fee as extra charge?

Note: Transportation fee can be directly add from extra charge but when it is added from Transportation menu located in sidebar then  given steps can be used to import transportation fee. To import transportation [...]

2709, 2019

How to setup transportation fee?

1: Click Transportation > Transportation Fee to open Manage Transportation fee page. 2. On Billing period list box, select billing period for which the transportation fee should be set and click FILTER. 3. Click Setup [...]

2709, 2019

How to add new driver?

1. Click Transportation > Setup > Driver to open driver details page. 2. Click +ADD NEW DRIVER to open form. Fill all the field on Add New Driver page for new driver. 3. Click [...]

2709, 2019

How to add new route and assign bus stop to it?

1. Click Transportation > Setup > Routes to open Manage Routes page. 2. Click +ADD NEW ROUTE located at top right corner to open form to add new route. On Name field, give the name [...]

2709, 2019

How to add new bus stop?

1: Click Transportation > Setup > Bus Stops on sidebar menu to open Manage Pick-up Points page. 2. Click +ADD NEW PICK-UP POINTS located at top right corner to open Add Pick-Up Points form. [...]

2509, 2019

How to check student who use bus?

1. Click Transportation >Reports > Classwise Bus User on sidebar menu. 2. Gradewise Bus Users page opens, then For overall bus users, leave blank on Grade and Section leave box. For classwise bus user, [...]